24 August
Morning Session
MS 1 When Bad Crystals Turn Good: Transforming Poorly Diffracting Crystals
MS 2 Chameleon Proteins
MS 3 Chiral and Non-centrosymmetric Structures
MS 4 Polymorphism
MS 5 Structural Phase Transitions
MS 6 Crystallography and Forensic Science
MS 7 Crystal Chemistry of Inorganic and Mineral Compounds

Afternoon Session
MS 8 MembraneProtein Structure and Function
MS 9 Combined XAS and XRD Techniques in Physics Chemistry and Materials Science
MS 10 Integrated Crystallographic, Spectroscopic, and Computational Approaches
MS 11 Instrumentation at Next Generation X-ray Sources
MS 12 Disorder Diffuse Scattering
MS 13 Advances in Computational Methods for Powder Diffraction
MS 14 Modularity and Modulation in Inorganic and Mineral Structures

25 August
Morning Session
MS 15 The Big Question in Structural Genomics: Getting Function from Structure
MS 16 High Resolution X-ray Inelastic Scattering
MS 17 Non-covalent Interactions in Crystals of Small Molecules and Macromolecules
MS 18 Powder Diffraction on Micro- and Mesoporous Materials
MS 19 News from Incommensurate Crystals
MS 20 Advances in Computational Methods for Small Molecule Crystallography
MS 21 Basic to Industrial Applications of Stress and Strain Analyses with Synchrotron and Neutron Radiations

Afternoon Session
MS 22 Single Particle X-ray Diffraction Imaging
MS 23 Putting the Pedal to the Metal: Speeding Up Biological Structure Determination
MS 24 Molecular Crystals under non Ambient Conditions
MS 25 Structure Determination from Powder Diffraction Data (Organics)
MS 26 Recent Advances in Quasicrystal Research
MS 27 Detectors: Developments and Requirements for X-ray, Synchrotron and Neutron Sources
MS 28 Structure/Properties Relationships of Technologically Relevant Inorganic and Mineral Compounds

26 August
Morning Session
MS 29 Improving Structures using Bio-informatics
MS 30 Art and Crystallography (Evening Session)
MS 31 Supramolecular Chemistry
MS 32 Structure Determination from Powder Diffraction Data (Inorganics)
MS 33 Soft Condensed Organic-Biological Materials under Pressure
MS 34 Advances in Computational Methods for Electron Density Studies
MS 35 Polytypism and Twinning

Afternoon Session
MS 36 Combating Viruses
MS 37 Intracellular Trafficking of Biomolecules
MS 38 Controlled Building of Crystals from Non-covalent Interactions
MS 39 Powder Diffraction of Proteins
MS 40 Computational Crystallography Applied to Extreme Conditions
MS 41 Computational Solutions for High-Throughput Crystallography
MS 42 Complementarities of Neutron and X-rays Methods in Material Science

27 August
Morning Session
MS 43 Extracellular Proteins and Cellular Adhesion
MS 44 Nucleic Acids - Transcription, Translation and Repair
MS 45 Packing of Organic Molecular Compounds
MS 46 In-situ Observation of Crystal Growth Processes
MS 47 Novel Materials under High Pressure
MS 48 Microbeam X-ray Scattering
MS 49 Charge Spin and Momentum Densities in Material Science

Afternoon Session
MS 50 Enzymes and Allostery
MS 51 Complementary Approaches to Biological Structure Determination
MS 52 Inorganic-Organic Framework Materials
MS 53 Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage
MS 54 Crystallography at Conditions of Earth and Planetary Interiors
MS 55 Time Resolved Diffraction
MS 56 Analysis Combining SANS and SAXS Experiments

28 August
Morning Session
MS 57 Large Protein Assemblies - Forming and Analysing Complexes
MS 58 Crystallography and Understanding of Cultural Heritage
MS 59 Applications of Synchrotron and Neutron Facilities in Structural Chemistry
MS 60 Microstructural Properties from Powder Diffraction Data
MS 61 Structures Phase Transitions and Properties at High Pressure
MS 62 Advances in Computational Methods for Protein Crystallography
MS 63 Chemical Insights from Electron Density Studies and Wavefunctions

Afternoon Session
MS 64 Difficult Phasing and Difficult Structures in Structural Biology
MS 65 Protein Interactions with other Biological Macromolecules
MS 66 Topology of Crystal Structures: Nets, Knots and Surfaces
MS 67 Non-ambient Powder Diffraction and Kinetic Studies
MS 68 Liquids and Amorphous Systems at High Pressure
MS 69 Electron Crystallography on Organic Crystals and Biomolecules
MS 70 New SAS Frontiers

29 August
Morning Session
MS 71 Structural Biology and the Immune System
MS 72 Hot Structures in Protein Crystallography
MS 73 Molecular Crystals with Novel Physical Properties
MS 74 Total Scattering and Local Order
MS 75 Surfaces
MS 76 New Algorithms for Structure Prediction
MS 77 Perspective of Neutron Crystallography at High Power Sources

Afternoon Session
MS 78 Structuromes Structures of Ribosomes Nucleosomes and other -omes
MS 79 Inorganic and Mineral Structures Solved and Refined by Powder Diffraction Data
MS 80 Structural Knowledge and Catalysis
MS 81 Time-resolved Powder Diffraction for Materials Production and Processing
MS 82 X-ray Characterization of Nanostructures
MS 83 Computational Problems and Solutions for Aperiodic Crystals
MS 84 Theoretical Methods for Analyses of Data from Solutions

30 August
Morning Session
MS 85 Biological Molecules as Targets for Drug Design
MS 86 Programming Robust CIF and XML into Crystallographic Software
MS 87 Reactions in Molecular Solids
MS 88 Electronic Excitations
MS 89 Structural Characterization of Controlled Solid-liquid Interfaces
MS 90 Applying Non-crystallographic Algorithms to Crystallography
MS 91 Electron Crystallography on Inorganic Crystals

Afternoon Session
MS 92 Emerging Technologies for Structural Biology
MS 93 Crystallography and Environmental Science
MS 94 Crystallographic Knowledge in Drug Design Strategies
MS 95 Advanced Functional Materials (Including Molecular Biological Fuel Cell Battery)
MS 96 Crystallographic Teaching
MS 97 Bio-inorganics in Biological Macromolecules
MS 98 Analysis of Anisotropic Materials

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