29 August - Morning Session - Giotto Hall
  MS 73 Molecular Crystals with Novel Physical Properties

Catalina Ruiz-Perez
Annie Powell

M. Andruh
New Synthetic Approaches Towards Supramolecular Multimetallic Systems with Interesting Magnetic Properties
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V. Marvaud
High Spin and Photomagnetic High Spin Molecules
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C. Rovira, M. Mas-Torrent, P. Hadley, S. T. Bromley, J. Veciana
Crystal Structure-Mobility Correlation in TTF Based Organic Field-Effect Transistors
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B. Zhang, Z. Wang, D. Zhu, H. Kobayashi
Dual-function Molecular Crystal with [FeIII(C2O4)Cl2]- chain Anion
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M. U. Schmidt
Crystal Engineering on Organic Pigments
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