Exhibition on "art and crystallography"

We are excited about the opportunity to show both the crystallographic world as well as the city of Florence the breadth and depth of science-related art that arises from our crystallographic endeavours. 

An exhibition on "Art and Crystallography" takes place in the Escher Hall (Pavillon C). The items on display consist of:

Graphic arts:
- Drawings and paintings
- Computer generated art (e.g., movies, holograms)
- Art derived directly from experimental work (e.g., a striking electron density map).
- Please note that while we especially welcome original contributions, the attentive scientist occasionally finds pictures in the art world that represent scientific principles not always obvious to the general public.

Musical arts:
- Original music based on genetic or protein sequences or structures

Plastic arts:Let this invitation inspire you to express your scientific efforts artistically.

- Carvings
- Sculptures
- Metal castings
- Pottery
- Rapid prototyping models

Decorative arts:
- Jewelry
- Clothing
- Fashion models

- Original art forms not fitting one of the above categories.

The exhibition is open from Tuesday 23 (15.00-19.00) to Saturday 27 (9.00-19.00 all the other days).
The best two pieces of art will receive awards (with original etchings) during the Microsymposium on Art and Crystallography held on Friday 26

Chair: Prof. Edgar Meyer


(1962-1963) Oil on canvas
120 x 161 1/2 inches
Collection of The Salvador Dali Museum
St. Petersburg, Florida
© 2004 Gala-Salvador Dali Foundation, Figueres (Artist Rights Society [ARS} New York
© 2004 Salvador Dali Museum, Inc.

(c) John Burch, with permission




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