Instruction for Speakers

Each Keynote lecture lasts 55 minutes (50 minutes for the actual presentation and the remaining 5 minutes for discussion). 30 minutes are allocated for each Microsymposium talk (25 minutes of presentation and 5 minutes for discussion). A short introduction of the chairperson(s) (5 minutes) will open each Keynote lecture and Microsymposium. Chairpersons are recommended to keep the schedules sharp in order to facilitate the transferring of the attendants from one room to the other in between talks.

Given the high number of simultaneous sessions and total talks, the audiovisual presentations will be supervised by the centralized Slide Center (SC, opening hours 8:30-18:30) operated by TecnoConference. Here, the material for presentation (see details below) must be delivered by the speakers at least 6 hours before the afternoon session or the day before (not later than 5 p.m.) in the case of the morning sessions. The operators will assist the speaker for any problem concerning her/his presentation.

General information

PowerPoint projections will be available in all the conference rooms. The latest version of PowerPoint will be used for the presentations.
Should non standard sources be used (i.e., those not included in the standard Windows XP and Office XP), it is recommended that an early contact with the SC operators is established in order to decide together the best action to take. Particularly in this case, the minimum time of six hours before the oral presentation is an absolute priority.
Equipment for projection of slides or transparencies will not be available in the conference rooms. In this case, the speaker is kindly requested to inform the Scientific Secretariat at the time of registration and deliver the slides or transparencies to the SC at least 24 hour before the session to allow their conversion into the PowerPoint format.

Usage of personal laptop computers is not allowed to prevent any loss of time for the change of computers.

For practical and security reasons, internet facilities are not available in the conference rooms and during the oral presentations.

Instructions for Power Point Presentations

1. It is absolutely necessary that the files of videos and pictures are located in the same folder of the Power Point presentation. Moreover, they need to be copied in the folder before they are inserted in the presentation.
2. For the quick downloading of the presentations into the SC server, CDs-Roms, pen drive, floppy discs or zip discs should be used. However, the files can be also downloaded from personal notebooks, provided that such an operation is started at the SC at least 6 hours before the presentation.
3. The size of power point presentation should not be greater than 50 MB, videos excluded.
4. The videos included in the presentation shall have the following extensions: .avi, .mpeg, .mov, .wmv. Please use the following codec: DivX, Xvid. Videos made by means of proprietary codec (selected camera makers) cannot be viewed.
5. The size of the videos files to be used during the presentation should not be larger than 50 MB each. Should this limit be exceeded, please contact the SC operators and supply to them a copy of the video in VHS, Beta, DVD or other media formats. It is very important that this is done at least six hours before the presentation.
6.It is recommended not to use more than one video associated with a single slide.
7. Before importing the pictures into the Power Point presentation, be sure that they are optimised in size by means of graphic programmes such as for example "Imaging", "Photoshop", "Photopaint", "Paint shop pro", etc.
8. To keep the presentation of a suitable size, please use compressed .gif and .jpg pictures (different types of extensions will be accepted as well, provided that they are recognised by Power Point).
9. Avoid excessive animation in the slides.

Important Notice:

Speakers whose presentations do not comply with the previous "indications" are kindly requested to contact the operators of the Multimedia Slide Centre as soon as possible after their arrival at the congress and in any case, at least six hours before their presentations.



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