28 August - Morning Session - Michelangelo Hall
  MS 57 Large Protein Assemblies - Forming and Analysing Complexes

Kunio Miki
David Stuart

S. V. Strelkov, L. Kapinos, S. Ivaninskii, L. Kreplak, H. Herrmann, U. Aebi, S. V. Strelkov
Intermediate Filaments: from the Elementary Dimer Structure to the Complete Filament Architecture
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D. Tomchick, T. Otomo, C. Otomo, S. C. Panchal, M. Machius, M. K. Rosen
Structural Basis of Actin Filament Nucleation and Processive Capping by a Formin Homology 2 Domain
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R. Frank, C. Titman, V. Pratap, R. Perham, B. Luisi D
Active Site Coupling in Multienzyme Complexes
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R. Cogdell, A. T. Gardiner, T. D. Howard, A. W. Roszak, C. J. Law, J. Southall, N. W. Isaacs
The Structure of the RC-LH1 'Core' Complex from Rhodopsuedomonas Palustris
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M. G. Rossmann, P. G. Leiman, P. R. Chipman, V. A. Kostyuchenko, S. Kanamaru, F. Arisaka, V. V. Mesyanzhinov
3D Rearrangement of Proteins in the Tail of Bacteriophage T4 on Infection of its Host
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