24 August - Morning Session - Botticelli Hall
  MS 2 Chameleon Proteins

Lynne Regan
Paul Curmi

A. Gronenborn, I. Ja L. Byeon, J. M. Louis
The Amazing Versatility of Proteins - Structural Polymorphism and Evolution
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F. Chiti
The Mechanisms of Conversion of Proteins into Amyloid Fibrils
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S. Tilley, E. Orlova, R. Gilbert, P. Andrew, H. Saibil
The Molecular Hole Punch: Structural Changes in the Bacterial Toxin Pneumolysin during Pore Formation
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J. Whisstock, Q. Zhang, R. H. P. Law, K. Ruzyla, J. A. Irving, L. Cabrita, K. F. Fulton, A. M. Lesk, A. M. Buckle, J. Rossjohn, S. P. Bottomley
Obeying Anfinsen: a Serpin that Folds to the Most Stable State
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