25 August - Afternoon Session - Giotto Hall
  MS 24 Molecular Crystals under non Ambient Conditions

Judith A.K. Howard
Jacqueline Cole

C. Wilson
Blowing Hot and Cold and its Effect on Some Crystals
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B. Gillon
Photo-induced Molecular Switching: Neutron Diffraction Studies
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Y. Ozawa, S. Yoshida, M. Mitsumi, K. Toriumi, N. Yasuda, K. Tsuge, H. Araki, Y. Sasaki
Photo Excited State Crystallography of Iodo-Bridged Dicopper (I) Complex.
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M. Y. Antipin
Multitemperature X-Ray Diffraction Analysis in the Study of Phase Transitions, Molecular Dynamics and Crystal Disorder
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K. Dziubek, A. Katrusiak
Melting-point Variation in Isomeric Dibromobenzenes
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