28 August - Afternoon Session - Michelangelo Hall
  MS 65 Protein Interactions with other Biological Macromolecules

Zihe Rao
Brian W. Matthews

E. Y. Jones, A. R. Aricescu, W.-C. Hon, C. Siebold, W. Lu
Protein-protein Complexes in Cell Adhesion
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C. Hill
Activating the Molecule of Mass Destruction
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D. Wigley
Structure and Mechanism of RecBCD
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Y.-S. Heo, S.-K. Kim, C. I. Seo, Y. K. Kim, B.-J. Sung, H. S. Lee, J. I. Lee, S.-Y. Park, J. H. Kim, K. Y. Hwang, Y.-L. Hyun, Y. H. Jeon, S. Ro, Y. Kwon, J. M. Cho, T. G. Lee
Molecular Basis for the Allosteric Inhibition of JNKs by the Peptide Fragment from the Scaffolding Protein JIP1
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H. S. Yuan, K.-C. Hsia, L. G. Doudeva, H. Huang, W.-Z. Yang, W.-C. Chu
Structural and Functional Insight into Cell-defending Non-specific Nucleases
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