28 August - Morning Session - Brunelleschi Hall
  MS 60 Microstructural Properties from Powder Diffraction Data

Davor Balzar
Paolo Scardi

T. Ungar
Subgrain Size-Distributions, Dislocation Structures, Stacking- and Twin Faults and Vacancy Concentrations in Crystalline Materials Determined by X-ray Line Profile Analysis
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M. Leoni
Microstructural Studies of Nanocrystalline Materials using WPPM
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R. Kuzel
Structural Studies of Nanocrystalline Metals
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N. Popa, D. Balzar
Size Anisotropy and Lognormal Size Distribution in the Powder Diffraction whole Pattern Fitting
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N. Armstrong, J. P. Cline, J. Ritter, J. Bonevich
Development of a NIST SRM 1979 Nano-Crystallite Size Standard for Broadening of X-Ray Line Profiles
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