27 August - Afternoon Session - Botticelli Hall
  MS 52 Inorganic-Organic Framework Materials

Christoph Janiak
Stuart R. Batten

M. Schroder
High Connectivity Framework Polymers: A New Co-ordination Chemistry
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J. Li, X. Huang
Crystals and Nanostructures: A Unique Class of Tunable Inorganic-Organic Frameworks
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X.-M. Chen, J.-P. Zhang, X.-C. Huang
New Molecular Architectures of Copper Imidazolates and Triazolates
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J. Pasán, J. Sanchiz, C. Ruiz-Pérez, F. Lloret, M. Julve
Influence of the Substituent in the Crystal Packing of Copper(II)-Malonates
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O. Yaghi
Hydrogen Storage in Metal-Organic Frameworks
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