28 August - Afternoon Session - Giotto Hall
  MS 69 Electron Crystallography on Organic Crystals and Biomolecules

Hans Hebert
Ute Kolb

U. Weierstall, D. Starodub, J. C. H. Spence, B. Doak
Electron Diffraction from a Beam of Laser-aligned Proteins: Progress Report
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A. Philippsen, A. Schenk, G. Signorell, W. Kukulski, A. Engel
Methods Development and Software Engineering for 2D Electron Crystallography
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P. Holm, P. Bhakat, C. Jegerschöld, N. Gyobu, K. Mitsuoka, Y. Fujiyoshi, R. Morgenstern, H. Hebert
Atomic Model of Microsomal Glutathione Transferase 1 from Electron Crystallography
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A. Kawaguchi, J. Kawasaki
Structural Features of Inclusion Complexes of Cyclodextrins
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P. Purhonen
Electron Crystallography of Membrane Transport Proteins
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