26 August - Afternoon Session - Michelangelo Hall
  MS 36 Combating Viruses

Elspeth Garman
Ming Luo

M. James, B. Biswal, M. Wang, M. Cherney, L. Chan, C. Yannopoulos, D. Bilimoria, O. Nicolas, J. Bedard
Non-nucleoside Inhibitors of NS5B Polymerase from HCV, Genotypes 1b and 2a
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Z. Rao
Crystal Structures of SARS Coronavirus Proteins
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S. Curry, J. Birtley, S. Knox, A. Jaulent, P. Brick, R. Leatherbarrow
Structure, Mechanism and Specificity of FMDV 3C Protease
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D. Stammers, A. Stamp, P. Chamberlain, J. Ren
HIV Reverse Transcriptases: Structural Basis for Inhibition and Drug Resistance
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E. Arnold, Y. V. Frenkel, D. A. Oren, S. A. Hughes, D. A. Elsasser, A. D. Clark Jr., P. A. Velasco, J. Ding, G. F. Arnold
Structure-based Vaccine Design of Human Rhinovirus: HIV Chimeras as Candidate AIDS Vaccines
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