30 August - Afternoon Session - Brunelleschi Hall
  MS 98 Analysis of Anisotropic Materials

Yoshiyuki Amemiya
Iris Torriani

C. Riekel
Polymer and Biopolymer Microstructure Analysis by Scanning SAXS/WAXS
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H. Takeji
Small-Angle X-ray Scattering Analysis of Anisotropic Block Copolymer Microdomains
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P. Thiyagarajan, K. Lu, J. Dong, L. Guo, V. P. Conticello, D. G. Lynn
Supramolecular Structures via Self-Assembly of A-beta Congeners
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Y. Shinohara, H. Kishimoto, Y. Ogawa, Y. Suzuki, K. Uesugi, N. Yagi, T. Mizoguchi, Y. Amemiya
Real-Time Observation of Anisotropic Structure of Aggregates in Stretched Rubber by 2D-USAXS
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J. Benedict, C. Branham, M. Nichols, S. Randall, P. Reid, B. Kahr
Spherulites for Polar Dye Organization
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