26 August - Morning Session - Leonardo da Vinci Hall
  MS 33 Soft Condensed Organic-Biological Materials under Pressure

Roger Fourme
Wilson Poon

R. Winter
Exploring the Configurational Landscape of Biomolecular Systems under Extreme Conditions
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T. Fujisawa, S. Kuwamoto, Y. Maéda, Y. Okamoto
Probing two Heads Configuration of Heavy Meromyosin by High-pressure SAXS Technique
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S. Finet, F. Skouri-Panet, A. Tardieu
SAXS Investigations of Conformation and Stability of Eye Lens Proteins under Pressure
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E. Girard, R. Kahn, M. Mezouar, A.-C. Dhaussy, T. Lin, J. E. Johnson, R. Fourme
When Macromolecular Crystallography Meets High Pressure Techniques...
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C. U. Kim, S. M. Gruner
High Pressure Cooling of Protein Crystals without Cryoprotectans
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