27 August - Morning Session - Botticelli Hall
  MS 43 Extracellular Proteins and Cellular Adhesion

Adrian Goldman
Sthanam Narayana

R. C. Liddington
Integrins, Focal Adhesions and all That
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G. Waksman
The Chaperone-usher Pathway of Pilus Biogenesis: Structural Basis of the Assembly Process and of Host Recognition
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T. Izard
Structural Relays in Adhesion Signaling
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S. Lea, P. Roversi, F. Cordes, B. Prosser, S. Johnson
Complementing Pathogens or Structural Insights into Pathogen Evasion of the Complement System
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J. Emsley, P. Mc Ewan, E. Papagrigoriou, P. Walsh
Factor XI Structure Reveals a Novel Receptor Mediated Activation Pathway
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A. Lundell, A. Aspberg, D. Logan
Structural Studies of the CLD from Aggrecan
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