28 August - Morning Session - Leonardo da Vinci Hall
  MS 61 Structures Phase Transitions and Properties at High Pressure

Mohammed Mezouar
Nozomu Hamaya

L. F. Lundegaard, M. Mc Mahon, C. Hejny, S. Falconi, R. Nelmes
Single Crystal Studies of the Incommensurate Composite Structure of Rb-IV
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F. Datchi, S. Ninet, M. Gauthier, A. M. Saitta
Structural and Vibrational Studies of Solid Ammonia to 120 GPa
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L. Dubrovinsky, I. Y. Kantor, A. P. Kantor, C. McCammon, N. A. Dubrovinskaia, I. N. Goncharenko, W. Crichton
Phase Transitions in Transition Metal Monooxides: Interplay Between Structural, Magnetic, and Electronic Properties
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T. Watanuky, A. Machida, T. Ikeda, K. Aoki, H. Kaneko, T. Shobu, T. J. Sato, A. P. Tsai
Successive Alternation of the Propagation Direction of the Inner Shell Ordering by Pressure in a Cd-Yb 1/1 Approximant Crystal
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P. Dera
Combining Laue Diffraction with White-beam Single-crystal EXAFS
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