25 August - Afternoon Session - Michelangelo Hall
  MS 23 Putting the Pedal to the Metal: Speeding Up Biological Structure Determination

E. Yvonne Jones
Peer R. Mittl

M. A. Walsh, L. Launer, H. Belrhali, J.-B. Reiser, H. Caserotto
Development of a High-throughput Structure Determination Pipeline at BM14
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W. F. Anderson, J. S. Brunzelle, G. Minasov, L. Shuvalova
Automating Crystallographic Structure Determination Calculations
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J. Rose, Z.-J. Liu, L. R. Chen, W. H. Zhou, D. Lee, D. Lin, W. Tempel, Z.-Q. Fu, B. C. Wang
HT Structure Determination at SER-CAT: Five Structures in 23 Hours
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W. Minor, M. Cymborowski, M. Chruszcz, Z. Otwinowski
The Integration of Data Reduction and Structure Solution - from Diffraction Images to an Initial Model in Minutes
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K. S. Wilson
Medium throughput Protein Crystallography: limiting Steps in the Pipeline
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