26 August - Afternoon Session - Botticelli Hall
  MS 37 Intracellular Trafficking of Biomolecules

Yoshiro Yoneda
David Owen

E. Conti, F. Bono, A. Cook, F. Glavan, E. Lorentzen, M. Jinek, J. Ebert
Transport out of the Nucleus and Beyond: Molecular Mechanisms
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A. Cook, E. Fernandez, D. Lindner, J. Ebert, G. Schlenstedt, E. Conti
Cse1: the Structure of an Exportin in its Closed, Cytosolic State
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D. Kohda, T. Obita, M. Igura, T. Ose, T. Endo, K. Maenaka
Cracking of the Targeting Signal Embedded in Mitochondrial Presequences
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B. M. Collins, C. F. Skinner, M. N. J. Seaman, P. R. Evans, D. J. Owen
Vps29: a Phosphoesterase Fold that Acts as an Interaction Scaffold in the Assembly of Retromer
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C. S. Perez, A. Balan, L. C. S. Ferreira, B. G. Guimaraes, J. F. Medrano, J. A. Barbosa
Crystallization of Molybdate-Binding Protein of Xanthomonas Citri
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