26 August - Afternoon Session - Leonardo da Vinci Hall
  MS 40 Computational Crystallography Applied to Extreme Conditions

Giulia Galli
Alessandro Pavese

M. Catti
Structural Paths for the High-Pressure Phase Transitions of AgI
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T. Ogitsu, G. Galli, F. Gygi
The Fifth Element in the Periodic Table, Boron: Do We Know the Ground State Structure?
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S. Scandolo
Oxides under Pressure: from Densified Silica to the Rheology of the Earth's Mantle
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A. Oganov, S. Ono, R. Martonak, A. Laio, P. Raiteri, M. Parrinello
Novel High-pressure Phases: Theory and Experiment.
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R. M. M. Wentzcovitch, T. Tsuciya, J. Tsuchiya
MgSiO3 Post-perovskite at D'' Conditions
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