30 August - Morning Session - Brunelleschi Hall
  MS 91 Electron Crystallography on Inorganic Crystals

Jacob Jansen
Vera Kletschkovskaia

T. E. Weirich
Present Status of Electron Crystallography on Inorganic Materials
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K. Tsuda
Structural and Charge-density Studies of Transition Metal Oxides Using Convergent-beam Electron Diffraction
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F. Li, H. Fan
Incomensurate Modulated Structure Determination by Combining HREM and ED
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S. Dudarev, Z. Zhou, A. Sutton, M. Jenkins
Electron Dynamical Diffraction Imaging and Diffuse Scattering by Small Dislocation Loops
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E. Suvorova, V. V. Klechkovskaya, P. A. Buffat
Characterization of Nanophases in HRTEM: Fourier Transform and Simulation
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