25 August - Morning Session - Brunelleschi Hall
  MS 21 Basic to Industrial Applications of Stress and Strain Analyses with Synchrotron and Neutron Radiations

Alain Lodini
Lyndon Edwards

M. Daymond
Insights into Deformation Mechanisms from in-situ Diffraction Experiments
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M. Fitzpatrick
Strain Mapping Methods and Instruments: Recent Advances and Future Implications
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J.-M. Sprauel
Contribution of Numerical Simulation to Stress Evaluation by Neutron or Synchrotron Diffraction
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M. Golshan, D. Laundy, S. Yan Zhang, W. Vorster, D. Dini, A. Korsunsky, D. Latham
Study of Elasto-Pastic Deformation in Mg Alloy using Synchrotron Radiation
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E. Zolotoyabko
Depth-resolved Strain Measurements by Energy-variable X-ray Diffraction
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