29 August - Morning Session - Michelangelo Hall
  MS 72 Hot Structures in Protein Crystallography

Glaucius Oliva
Andrew H.-J. Wang

C. Kerfeld, M. R. Sawaya, S. Tanaka, M. Beeby, J. Laidman, T. O. Yeates
Structural Studies on Carboxysomes
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M. J. Marcaida, A. Callaghan, W. Scott, M. Symmons, V. Chandran, K. McDowall, J. Stead, B. Luisi
Structure and Function of RNase E and the RNA Degradosome Assembly
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S. Wakatsuki
Crystal Structures of Proteins Involved in Membrane Traffic
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T. Eneqvist, K. A. Johnson
The Structure of a Mitochondrial Peptidasome
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W. Hol, J. Deng, J. Abendroth, D. Mitchell, M. Yanez, C. Roach, B. Krumm, S. Turley
Molecular Machines and Tropical Pathogens
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