29 August - Morning Session - Botticelli Hall
  MS 71 Structural Biology and the Immune System

David Rose
Massimo Degano

I. A. Wilson
Structural Basis of HIV-1 Neutralization: Implications for Vaccine Design
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A. K. Shrive, C. Martin, I. Burns, J. Paterson, J. Martin, U. Kishore, K. Reid, T. Greenhough
Structural Basis of Ligand Recognition by the Collectins
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V. Streltsov, S. Nuttall
Do Sharks Have a New Antibody Lineage?
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M. Dunstone, L. Kjer-Nielsen, L. Kostenko, L. Ely, T. Beddoe, N. Mifsud, A. Purcell, A. Brooks, J. Mc Cluskey, J. Rossjohn
The Structure of CD3εγ in Complex with the Therapeutic Antibody, OKT3
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P. Gros, B. Janssen, E. Huizinga, H. Raaijmakers, A. Roos, M. Daha
Structural Insights into the Central Complement Component C3
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